Private Lessons

Private lessons can be scheduled indoors or outdoors on a private, community or local tennis court.  They are geared for all levels, including novices to professional tennis players.  


Private lessons are highly recommended for the future developement of your stroke, game, and tactics.  Private lessons should be part of your schedule but not representing more than 20-30% of the time on the court.


If you are looking to correct a stroke to fully develop your game, look no further!







Fall/Winter Program for Juniors

Our indoor tennis program is currently held at Jericho-Westbury Indoor Tennis and runs from September until June, respecting all school holidays and breaks.  The fall/winter programs consist of two 16 week sessions where the student is encouraged to register in advance due to limited space. The programs are designed for all ages and skill levels as follows:


"10 & Under"

Our "10 & Under" program can accomodate players from age 3 - 10 years old. We use colored balls that are lighter and usually bigger than a regular tennis ball.  The program is designed to introduce tennis and enhance athletic abilities.  It will encourage movement, balance, hand-eye and foot coordination to young players.


Junior Development (JD)

Our Junior Development program for begginers and advanced begginers that includes and 1.0 hour group lesson with 4-6 players on the court.


Junior Development Advanced (JDA)

Our Junior Development Advanced program consists of 1.5 hours group lesson with intermediate and advanced juniors with 4-6 kids on the court.


Tournament Training (TT)

Our Tournament Training consists of 2.0 hours group lesson, with our advanced  juniors that  are about or they compete in tournaments all levels with 4-6 players on the court.


Tournament Training Advanced (TTA)

Our Tournament Training Advanced consists or the most advanced players like high school players and tournament players that would like to compete at regional and national level.





Adult & Junior Group Lessons

Group lessons are recomended to players of all levels in order to extend the development of your shots under competitive pressure.  Group lessons are fun, educative and should represent over 60% or your tennis time, with at least 10% private lessons.  The remaining time should be competitive play (tournaments, club tournaments, leagues etc).




The "Zone" is fast paced competitive doubles games with juniors and adults.The program is run with upbeat music that starts with 20-30 min warm-up, followed by a variety of double games.

You can come with a partener or we will find you one.